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Service Packages

  • Basic Detailing is the most affordable & fastest detail you can get.

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    From 199 US dollars
  • This is our most popular and cost-effective package. You receive delu...

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    From 259 US dollars
  • The Full Package includes Deluxe services +services to protect your ve...

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    From 449 US dollars
  • With our Interior Restoration package, you will get a perfectly cleane...

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    From 199 US dollars

Why choose us?

A Result-Driven Team

TheWashMen is all about serving you. Each project we take, we put a 100% effort to make sure that YOU are satisfied for what you pay for. 


We come to you

Besides getting the best quality, you also get the service delivered at your doorstep. No matter if you are at your house or the office. 


Satisfaction Guarantee

At TheWashMen you will be 100% satisfied before we leave. Not Satisfied? Money back guarantee!


Get Free Stuff

As a result-driven team, we will complete some add-on services for free to make sure your car looks as good as it possibly can. 


The Most Popular

Only $259

Vacuum Entire Interior (Cabin, Trunk, Under Seats, Compartments)

 Wipe Down All Surfaces (Cup Holders, Vents, Door Jams, Dash)


Plastic & Leather Protectant

 Leather Conditioner and Cloth Seat Shampoo

 Impeccable Interior Windows

 Pressure Wash & Hand Foam Wash

 Clean Exterior Windows

 Tires, Rims, & Wheel Wells Detailed and Shined

 Tire Pressure Checked

 Windshield Wiper Fluid Topped Off

 Premium Hand Wax

Limited-time offer
Use  "
firstdetail10" for 10% off

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Meet the Team

This is TheWashTeam. Get to know who you are working with. 

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is the act of cleaning a car, inside and out. Some people choose to detail their own cars while others pay auto detailing professionals to do the job. Detailing can be done for many reasons, including cosmetics, to maintain the value of an older vehicle, or simply because you just want your car looking its best!

How Often Should I have My Car Detailed?

This all depends on how often you drive your vehicle. If you have a daily driver, it's best to get the exterior professionally detailed every 3-6 months. An annual detail is a good idea for classic or newer models that will be going up for sale within the year.

The inside should also be cleaned every 1-3 months to keep your vehicle looking its best. This includes interior cleaning products to remove dirt, mildew, and odors.

Is Detailing a Car Worth it?

Absolutely! There are many benefits to having a car detailed, and not just for cosmetic purposes. A car detail service will make a used vehicle look new, and it will give the interior an opportunity to breathe (removing harmful contaminants such as smoke odors can be very beneficial).

What Happens During a Detailing Appointment?

Typically during a detailing appointment, the interior and exterior of the car are inspected. The interior may include vacuuming carpets and upholstery, wiping down any surfaces such as the dashboard and door panels, scrubbing away any stains - such as spills, dirt, or pet hair - from seats, removing DashMat (if applicable), and applying a protectant to the dash and door panels.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch now.

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